Where to buy MasterCard Prepaid Debit Cards

MasterCard prepaid cards are very popular nowadays. As we explained in our previous post, you can buy prepaid debit cards as re-loadable or non-reloadable. With the non-reloadable version, you when the money you put on the card at the time of purchase is spent, you cannot add more money to it. Therefore if this is the debit card you prefer to buy, then you should make sure that you put enough money on it at the time of loading, so that you are guaranteed to have enough money on to be able to make purchases before you run out of cash. Also, you should note that with these, you may be denied the ability to shop online or pay bills since there is no billing address associated with the card – which is a critical requirement when you shop online. That is why if you would like to use your prepaid Debit MasterCard to shop online, then you should probably get the version that allows for subsequent loading.

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With the cards you can add money to, you are free to use them to shop online, because when you apply for the card, you are required to provide personal and confidential information like your name, social security number, date of birth, home address etc. That address that is recorded at the time of application is what you are going to use when you shop online with your prepaid MasterCard. That’s because the company you are buying from online is going to match the billing address on your card with the one you provided at the time of checkout to make sure that you are the rightful owner of that card. And in today’s world where phishing and hacking of credit cards are rampant, it is an added protection for you to have companies match your billing address at checkout to the one your debt card company has on file for that particular prepaid.

Where to buy MasterCard Prepaid Debit Cards

So, where can you buy one of these MasterCard Prepaid Debit Cards? There are many places you can buy them – in person. This includes the following:

Rite Aid
Duane Reade
Home Depot

You can also purchase debit cards online at place like Gift Card Mall, Simon Prepaids, Walmart’s website, and from many big banks across the country. Just visit the bank’s website and search for their debit card options and find the reloadable or non-reloadable cards.

Note that not all debit MasterCards can be purchased in stores. There are some like the Social Security Debit Prepaid MasterCard that cannot be bought. This is a card you have to qualify to get. If you do not currently receive social security or veterans benefits, then you are not eligible for this card. Actually, the federal government issues millions of debit cards and one of the biggest ones is the Direct Express Prepaid MasterCard, which is also called the Social Security Debit card.

But when buying any prepaid card, you have to be careful. We have attached a video above that will provide some tips on what to lookout for. Some of the popular cards include Green Dot, Walmart Moneycard, Netspend, Rush Card and the Chase Liquid Prepaid.

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What are Prepaid Debit Cards

Since this is a new blog, it is probably best to start with the definition of prepaid debit cards. Generally, prepaid cards are debit cards that are issued by banks that act like a credit card but there is no credit extended. Unlike credit cards, prepaid debit cards require the card owner to deposit money onto the card before they can use it. You can fund the card at the time of purchase, or you can load money onto it via the funding options provided by the issuing bank. American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard all have prepaid debits. For example, Visa Prepaids, which are the most popular are issued in various denominations and can be purchased at retail locations across the country, including grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores like 7-Eleven, Wawa, Sheetz, at department stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s and many more. You can also buy them online.

There are two kinds of prepaid cards – reloadable and non-reloadable. The reloadable cards, as the name suggests, can be reloaded once the original amount you put on it is spent. This allows you to be able to use the card for everyday expenses or miscellaneous expenses that you don’t want to put on your credit card. Other people like to use this as a way to control spending for their kids in college or high school, since they can set an autopay transaction that moves money from their checking account to the kid’s prepaid debit card account. And since the card can be used for purchases, shop online and pay bills, it is a perfect allowance tool for parents to use for their teenagers and kids in college.

The non-reloadable card behaves in the opposite way. You cannot add money to it once the original amount is used up. That is why if you plan to use the prepaid card for a good while, it is always best to get the reloadable one. Now, the reloadable cards require you to provide certain personal information when you try to get one – like social security number, date of birth, address etc. This is because you are essentially applying for a debit card-like service and the bank issuing the card is required by law to get some identification information from you.

Check out this article from Forbes on the best and worst prepaid cards. You should review the video we posted above from Consumer Reports that reviews about 22 prepaid debit cards and provide some tips on how to avoid fees and charges. They also tell you which cards they like and don’t like.

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